Channelled writings and personal observations.
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Declaring you or someone else needs “a little privacy” sounds a tad dirty to some. As if something has, or is about to, happen that needs hiding away. Social media addicts, in particular, find the request for privacy highly suspicious. They don’t seem to get why anyone would want that…

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Ah, beloved children, what is it you do, to whom do you turn, when that which saddens you can no longer be borne by you nor bear you?

Mm, the anguish of suppressed heartache doubles the intensity of the original sorrow. Sadness upon sadness builds, ’til naught but a pulsing…

Image by Alex S. From Pixabay

Truth has been on my mind a lot lately. Or rather, the stories my mind chatter has recently begun to tell me have caused me to question their truth. Passing judgment on them has not been easy, and sifting through them has been interesting, to say the least. …

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We so often use the word hope without really feeling it. It becomes just another word amongst others in the making up of throw-away lines. Lines that are usually employed when it has become obvious no further discussion would bring about a solution. “We can only hope” or “There is…

Image by maximiliano estevez from Pixabay

Something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue. Just some of traditional requirements for the bride-to-be.

Throughout all cultures, superstitious rituals and talismans accompany both bride and groom through the ceremony and beyond. Though many, probably, hold little faith in their effectiveness, none are willing to risk failure through…

Image by Sabine Zierer from Pixabay

More often than not, the process of healing takes on the form of many tiny, little incidences rather than one huge experience. This is a way of facilitating the integration of the teaching/learning that accompanies that healing.

If instantaneous healing occurred in every time of crisis, not much thought would…

Out Of Thin Air

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