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Channelled writings and personal observations.
Image by Quang Nguyen from Pixabay

I think many of us see ourselves as captaining our own ship through our life’s journey and by believing this we steer our way so mindfully that should anything unforeseen halt our progress we tend to blame ourselves. We believe we should have been aware of that which we could not see. We are so hard on ourselves.

Now, of course, it does not matter whether we still see ourselves as captain, nor how well we attempt to steer, as most ships have run aground and we do not possess the means to re-float them.

Variations of this situation occur…

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

What is it we really think to make of ourselves?

We mind ourselves as diligently as we would unruly children. We cajole ourselves into positivity, we meditate and affirm, and we self-care to very near the point of selfish narcissism.

Yet still we hide behind our carefully arranged features. It seems we may believe we are improving but not quite believe we have improved enough to show the work in progress.

This leads to our mind badgering us incessantly with all sorts of fear-filled warnings that may sound something similar to — “Don’t let go of all the new stuff…

Image by Karin Henseler From Pixabay

If you were to walk alone in the woods, would you feel safe?

Would you trust, even if it were not something you usually did, you would have instantly knowledge and insight of what to do if faced with danger? Most have enough confidence to assume this. But what of others who lack confidence in Self and life? Perhaps they would not attempt such a trek.

’Tis sad some hesitate to try experiences outside of their comfort zone. Many opportunities are missed through not only true fear; but a simple lack of belief in Self and safety. …

Image by Gordon Johnson From Pixabay

I have, so far, been fortunate enough to have only had one aggressively negative comment left on a published channeling. Not surprisingly, it occurred during my short time on Facebook. A man called Ulrich, who I did not know, wrote — “Useless dribble, no substance.” Succinct at least. I didn’t reply to his comment, but I didn’t delete it either. I hope he noticed that. But he probably moved on without another care.

I was understandably upset by this for a time. Until I realized that I sometimes had similar , but usually gentler, thoughts about pieces I read. The…

Eighth Chakra

Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay

There are so many influences for each life experience. You live your life forever surrounded by other people. Even if your circle of friends is limited, or you live in a sparsely populated location, the energy of others still affects your energy. It can seem surprisingly difficult for those energies to harmonize, but you manage better than you think.

If you were to stand completely alone within an empty landscape, you would assume that you were only encountering your own presence, not so. Physical distance is of no account. …

Image by Jaesung An from Pixabay

The essence of truth lies in many an old fable. Throughout time, mankind has unwittingly placed absolute truth at the heart of make-believe and stories. Not all storytellers are aware that this is so. Many believe it is simply their imagination being unleashed, that the only source of inspiration is within their own mind.

’Tis, obviously, true their own minds have a role to play, but often the true source is unknowingly beyond the human realm. Suspicion of this can arise at times. That searched-for, perfect phrase may suddenly appear when one has ceased to search and allowed themselves to…

Image by Peter Fischer from Pixabay

Deep in the hearts of all deserts lie wellsprings, long forgotten, abundant, life-sustaining water covered over by vast quantities of sand, seemingly, unreachable. Many a traveler, through many an age, would have passed over these hidden treasures with no knowledge of their existence. What good the knowledge of their presence if their succor be unobtainable?

Legend and fable hold many a story of previously unknown oases being stumbled upon by the lost and desperate. Some believed their sudden appearance to be divine gifts of the gods or otherworldly magic. …

Image by Q K from Pixabay

Communication: we are so convinced that we have it right. No longer do we scratch about to find our little black book of names and addresses. We have every piece of information available about everyone we have ever known or encountered constantly at our fingertips. No one gets lost or forgotten through non-physical presence. They are linked to us and us them by every piece of technology available. There seems no escape, no hiding, for any of us.

But, of course, we can practice ignorance, just allow our attention to slide past the name of any person with whom we…

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Be still, child, and be peace, is something I have been told more than once. Peace I know how to find but being still within it is often unachievable for me. Whether meditating with a mantra or sitting quietly to self-treat with Reiki, I tend to wobble, vibrate if you like. I can feel the energy coming down as if by download, working its way through every part of me and making my body move with its rhythm. The energy shifts gear after a while and becomes more of a gentle hum. Sometimes, at this point, if meditating, physical movements…

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

As surely as the world turns and night follows day, you are loved, no one is forsaken, no one is an exception.

This can be hard to discern when life has, seemingly, sent you trial after trial with hardly room in between to breathe. But you do breathe all throughout, no matter your circumstance, no matter what dilemma you face at any given moment.

It is in the breath that your existence bides. That heaving, sobbing breath of heartache is still breath, that throaty guffaw of laughter is still breath. …

Out Of Thin Air

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