Channelled writings and personal observations.
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Pain gives focus to hurt.

’Tis easier to blame your unhappiness on the physical pain than to deal with the spiritual pain.

You seek to heal in the wrong direction.

The above is part of a personal message I received a few years ago. As I have been a Reiki…

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Do you ever wonder at the significance of sixteen years?

Sweet sixteen, for some countries the age of consent. No longer childish child, not yet adult, but why sixteen, not fifteen or seventeen?

Surely ’tis only a matter a matter of months, a delineation of time that is illusion anyway.

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I find it somewhat sad how we are constantly reminded that we are here on Earth to heal ourselves. It is as if we are encouraged to see ourselves as damaged goods. …

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Grief is a natural part of human life: and can never be eradicated from anyone’s lifetime. For love cannot exist without grief, and grief cannot exist without love.

These two emotions are not in counterbalance to each other, nor are they twinned. …

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So here you all are: tumbling through space and time, clinging to this precious rock you call Earth, searching, seeking, always reaching for answers. Where, what should I be?

The end of the quest for truth and enlightenment can seem simultaneously close at hand and impossibly out of reach. If…

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There are three things a person must reach for and know if they wish to live a life of joy, none of which is attainable in the physical form.

Very few objects can even attempt to replicate the joy of spiritual possessions. What thing could match the joy felt by…

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