Every Breath You Take

Image by Karin Henseler From Pixabay

If you were to walk alone in the woods, would you feel safe?

Would you trust, even if it were not something you usually did, you would have instantly knowledge and insight of what to do if faced with danger? Most have enough confidence to assume this. But what of others who lack confidence in Self and life? Perhaps they would not attempt such a trek.

’Tis sad some hesitate to try experiences outside of their comfort zone. Many opportunities are missed through not only true fear; but a simple lack of belief in Self and safety. The heart that seems bereft of assured protection is a heart that beats erratically.

The phrase “heart-stopping action” is often used when describing events, real or fictitious, that cause one to be so shocked that all physical function ceases for a minuscule moment, this can be seen as a systems reset. A tiny blip in function that allows one to determine if the fear can be faced, or if the threat is too great , this blip could continue and provide an easy exit. Very few who have experienced this have chosen to exit.

The will to live and continue is much stronger than anyone would believe when safe and under no threat. Throughout life, there are multiple opportunities for exits to be made. Life is always a choice, and that choice is not always a conscious one. Thoughts of personal safety are always present, to some degree within the human mind, and this is practical and understandable. Everyone is breakable, and no one enjoys discomfort: but although these background thoughts are necessary, in a general sense, they should never become paramount thoughts. For while, at core, you are responsible for your own physical safety, and perhaps at times that of others, we also aid in this.

You are always stronger and more insightful than you believe, and you are capable of wise choice in milliseconds, for every millisecond of life contains the heart’s choice to beat or not, no matter your circumstances. The decision to stay or exit is made with every beat of your heart, with every breath you take — this is cosmic law. All exits are flexible and determined solely/soully by you, created by your choice, and aided by the cosmos.

So, beloved children, should you wish to wander “woods unknown”, make full use of your innate wisdom to determine the mundane practicalities of doing so. But know that the choice of life, in that moment, is already made, as it will be made, in the next, and in the next.


Channeled Text



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